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Front Load Washing Machines

Welcome to our website. Here you will be able to find suppliers of all types of front load washing machines in different colors and get the best deals and special prices.

With a wide variety of choices and manufacturers with the newest technology. The best machines are now quiet enough that you can use them near your bedroom, instead placing them in your basement.

Front load washing machines are saving you a lot more energy, use a lot less water and clean better than top loading washing machines. There are very good cheap front loading washers available for around $1000.

The disadvantage with these cheaper models are that they are louder and the vibration level is higher than if you decide to invest a little more money for a reliable brand front loading washing machine.

Most customers are shy to make the move from a top loading washer to a front load machine, because of some horror stories from neighbors.

The handling of a front loader is completely different than using a top loader. There are a wide range of programs you can choose from, depending on what clothes you are washing and how dirty they are.

For the most regular home laundry you can use the short 30 minute cycle. Once the door is shut the machines weighs the clothes and determines the appropriate amount of water for the washing cycle.

The heat sensor in the machine monitors the temperature and warms the water gradually to clean the clothes effectively. Most front loaders have the double wash capacity then old top loading machines – so you will save a lot of time and money. You water bills will be plumping tremendously.

A top loader uses an average of 40 gallons per load. The most front loading washing machines are using about 12 gallons per load (remember you will have the double load capacity!).

Most people have a wide range of clothing to wash. Cotton, linen, silk, woolen items and mixed fabric garments. With the top front load washing machines you will enjoy the easy handling to clean these items effectively and most importantly with great care.

The delay function is one more special feature of the front loaders. You can set the timer in the morning before you go to work and your clothes are ready for the dryer when you get home from work. Wash cycle times are a little bit longer than with traditional top loading machines, but the more than double capacity of the front load washing machines makes up for that.

You can choose from a spin cycle of 0 RPM – 1600 RPM. If you use 1200 RPM – 1400 RPM for your spin cycle, the front loader extracts every last bit of moisture out your clothes. So your drying time will decrease tremendously, which saves you also extra money if you use a dryer.

With a front load washing machine you can simply save over $300 annually in expenses for your laundry measured by the national average of just 8 loads / week for a family of 3.

Look for front load washing machines with the Energy Star Label. You can save and cut your energy costs by more than a third and the water costs by more than a half.

If your old washing machine is over 10 years old, than now is the time to replace it with a new Energy Star labeled front loading washer and you will save over $135 / year.

You will be wasting 17 gallons of water every time you wash, if you use a non-qualified washer against front load washing machines with the Energy Star Label. That wasted water is equivalent to a daily shower!