Reasons Why You Should Buy The Speed Queen Washing Machine 2020

Reasons Why You Should Buy The Speed Queen Washing Machine

Technology is not sleeping. Daily, there are new improvements based on new discoveries. I could still remember the days of manual washing machines that require that you spin with your hands to get the clothes washed.

Today, there are sophisticated, easy to use and super efficient washing machines that will virtually require no input from you. See, washing machines moved from manual to half manual and half automated to completely and fully automated.

All you have to do today is stuff the clothes in, provide the detergent and go to sleep. You will wake up to meet your clothes all washed up and ready for ironing.

Owing to latest developments in the washing machine industry, you cannot just go on to purchase any machine; you may regret it when you see more sophisticated ones.

It is however not all about sophistication, there are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a washing machine which may make it hard for you to make a choice.

Just in case you never heard, the Speed Queen washing machine is one of the best you can lay your hands on in the market today.

The Speed Queen Washing Machine

This machine comes with impressive features which makes it one you will not be able to do without. It can be used in combination with a spin dryer which makes washing and drying all automated.

It is a front load Rear Control machine with a stainless steel front loading washer. It is highly efficient and rugged too.

It is “Green Compliant” in every way and of course, it comes with the Energy Star designation of approval.

This means, the amount of power consumed is a lot less when compared to other washing machines. With an average of 13.9 gallons of fuel used per cycle, you can be sure using a washing machine will not bring you mind stress.

The drying time of the Speed Queen washing machine is greatly reduced. This is made possible by the 300 G force final spin technology which actually wrings all of the moisture from the clothes as they cling to the outside of the spinning drum.

The centrifugal technology ensures that the water drained are pulled out of the container basic which is drained away down the drain pump. Since drying time is reduced, the energy needed to dry clothes will also be reduced.

Other features you will find really gratifying in the Speed Queen washing machine are:

  • A stainless steel outer drain tub with rust resistance,
  • 3 compartment detergent solution dispenser
  • Fabric softener,
  • Bleach
  • XL 15.5 inch door which makes it easy to get clothes in and out
  • Frontal control buttons
  • Spin speed selection ranges from 500, 600 to 1000 RPM

With the abundance of features loaded on the Speed Queen washing machine, you can be sure laundry time will be reduced by more than half and energy costs as well. This will on the long run, help to compensate for the investment on this unit.

Everything You Need To Know About The Speed Queen Washing Machine

The only constant thing in the world today is change. Everyday, there are constant improvements and advancement in technology.

Scientists and engineers are coming up with better discoveries aimed at manufacturing better products that can always improve or change our lifestyles for good.

Many of the inventions or products we often thought to be the ”bomb” several years ago have been outclassed or rendered obsolete by today’s modern technology.

I can still recall the time when manual washing machines were just invented. We simply loved and savored the fact that by merely spinning those machines with our hands, we could get our clothes washed and be free from the stress of doing them manually by ourselves.

We were happy at the time that our stress had been partly relieved. But these days, you would be asked to return back to the stone age if you probably try to suggest to anyone to use those machines because they’ve become obsolete.

Washing machines have evolved from manually operated to partially operated and now – fully automated machines. You can now find machines that would virtually require no input whatsoever from you to get the job done.

All you have to do is stuff your clothes into the machine, provide the needed materials or detergents and zoom off. You will come back to see your clothes all washed up and dried, waiting for ironing. It’s simply amazing.

With some of the latest developments in technology, the washing machine industry have truly evolved. You don’t just head off to buy any machine, you might later realize that your machine has become obsolete s highly sophisticated models have been released to the market at better prices before you made that move.

This is why you need to do your proper research and consider several factors before making that final purchase. However, its not always about sophistication – you need a machine that’s affordable and easily meets your needs.

And just in case you’re in the market for a washing machine, one of the best washing machines you will ever find on the market today is the Speed Queen machine.

The Speed Queen Washing Machine

There are several impressive features on this machine which makes it unique. These are features you just can’t do without.

With this machine, you can easily automate all your washing and drying tasks when you combine it with a spin dryer. It’s a front load Rear Controlled machine that comes with a stainless steel front loading washer.

It’s very rugged and efficient too. It has an Energy Star designation approval which makes it ?Green Compliant?

In every way. What this rating simply signifies is that, when compared with other washing machines, this is one machine that consumes less power when compared with other washing machines in its category.

This is one machine that’s very easy to use and maintain. It consumes an average of 13.9 gallons of fuel every cycle and would never stress you.

One good thing about the Speed Queen washing machine is that it has a lesser drying time compared with other machines.

This is actually made possible as a result of its 300G force final spin technology that actually helps it wring all form of moisture from the clothes just as they cling onto the outside of a spinning drum.

The machine has a centrifugal technology that ensures the water drained out from the clothes in the basic container is passed through the drain pump.

Thus drying time is reduced as the energy needed to dry out the clothes now will also be drastically reduced.

Other basic features you’ll find in the Speed Queen washing machine includes a fabric softener, an XL 15.5 inch door which makes it quite easy for clothes to get in and out, a stainless steel outer drain tub with rust resistance and bleach.

The machine also comes with a spin speed selection feature with a selection range of 500, 600 and 1000 RPM (revolutions per minute), frontal control buttons and a three compartment detergent solution dispenser.

With these sort of features, you can be rest assured that doing your laundry with the Speed Queen washing machine would easily save you time and energy to face your other tasks an businesses. On the long run, this should be able to compensate for your investments in buying this machine.

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Benefits Of Buying A Speed Queen Washing Machines

If you are shopping for a washing machine without a prior study and inspection of the best models in the market, chances are that you are going to get lost somewhere along the line.

It is either that the salesperson is trying to persuade you to buy what you don’t like or you end up getting confused and go home without it.

Just to help you with a suggestion, when next you go out to purchase a washing machine, ask for the Speed Queen washing machine. There are really many models and designs so make sure you get your specs right.

This will depend largely on how much laundry you do in a given week which also depends on how many people are living in your household. From Speed Queen, one of the best models out there in the market today is the AFN51F Front Load Rear Control washing machine.

You can purchase a high spin dryer with this model and forget your problem of having to dry your clothes by yourself after washing it.

This speed Queen washing machine model will automatically reduce the washing and drying time by half.

If you were probably spend like an hour before on washing and drying your laundry, you should expect the AFN51F to do all that for you within 30 minutes when coupled with a dryer.

This is made possible by the 300 G Force final spin technology used in this Speed Queen washing machine.

This technology enforces the machine to wring all the moisture from the wash as the cling to the outside of the spinning drum.

As it spins, the centrifugal force of the spinning drum forces the water out of the holes into the container basin from where it is leaked to the drain pump.

Since the bulk of the drying work is done already, drying time will be reduced greatly and that means less energy will be expended on drying your clothes.

This product is “Green Compliant” being a very good water and energy saver. Engineers have given some credence to the Green Movement and this is one of the products that come with the Energy Star designation on it.

It will not only save your power, it will also save water. While other machines use tens of gallons per cycle, the AFN51F only use about 14 gallons per cycle. Other features you will find on the AFN51F are :

  • 3 compartment solution dispenser for detergents
  • Bleach
  • Fabric softener
  • Extra large 15.5 inch door opening for getting clothes in and out with ease
  • Frontal controls used for controlling spin speeds etc.
Speed Queen Washing Machine

With a stainless steel front loading washer, you probably would have expected it to be expensive and yet it is but the price is well justified.

If you purchase in stores, you will probably pay in the neighborhood of $1900 or more but if you purchase online in stores such as Amazon and EBay, you will be able to cut prices to as low as $1600 for clearance sales.

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