How To Choose a Washing Machine August 2020

Choosing a washing machine.

High quality enamel finish. quality, quality, quality,

When you wish to consider how best to go about Choosing-Laundry-Machines,
The first thing to look out for, does the machine look right with good quality enamel finish, preferably on the inside of the casing as well as the outside,

The best washing machines are built with this feature for a long life. This is an indication of how much toruble went into the manufacture of your chosen laundry machine

Buy cheap buy twice or even thrice, buy quality buy once- This has made sense always but we are frequently tempted by a cheap deal only to end up with post buying disapointment and grief.

Once you have decided on the size and number of machines you need to complete the task, it’s time to choose a manufacterer….But check the quality of build and first impressions are important, as a good quality washing machine can be seen as easy as a high quality motor car or wristwatch, it sticks out a mile.

If you look at a Miele machine, the enamel is as thick and strong on the inside as out.

This means that it will not rust away from the inside and look shabby after a few years working in a cold, damp utility room or garage/outbuilding
choosing a washing machine

Cantilevered door hinge with strong attachment to the casing.

The second item is the door and how it is fitted to the machine, what you require is a strong cast metal door normally aluminium with again a chrome finish on both the inside as well as the out side.
The door should open wide so that it can be flush with the front, not sticking out so that it gets in the way when loading or removing your laundry.

Have a look at the hinges are they strong purpose build hinges that will support the door whilst open for many years, not just a flimsy piece of metal pressing that wobbles and flexes at the merest touch.

If left open would it easily get bent and ruined after only a few months? It should close and open like a high quality car door with a satisfying clunk!

washing machine

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Choosing-Laundry-Machine, Buy cheap buy twice or even thrice, buy quality buy once.

Well laid out wiring loom and proper chassis with shock absorbers. No Concrete blocks!

When Choosing-Laundry-Machine

Ask to see the inside of the machine or photographic pictures, so that you can see the type of chassis and drum support mechanism.

It should be a proper heavy weight chassis with oil filled shock absorbers supporting the drum with heavy-duty springs.

Not lumps of concrete, which the cheaper machines seem to prefer.

The wiring loom should look neat and tidy well routed and protected from abrasion by the moving parts, by being encased in plastic covers or ducting.

Not like the picture below of a cheap machine, which is what can only be described as a rats nest, look at the lumps of concrete fitted as counter balance weights.

Then look at the puny springs, how many years will this machine do a family wash?

One year, six months, not twenty or more years, which is what I expect from my washing machine at home!!
choosing a washing machine
For more super washing machine information take a look at Washing Machine Reviews

washing machine reviews
I found this super information site recently, with lots of great stuff on the many types of machine available with prices and where to buy them.

With lots of very interesting reviews on the many machines from people who have bought and used these machines.

You can even leave a review yourself if you have any new points you would like to raise on the subject. Have a look at … Washing Machine Reviews

Emergency drain and door release mechanism.

You should also make sure there is an emergency drain cock and door opening device, so that you can get your laundry out of the machine if there was a power cut or major breakdown.

Nothing can be more frustrating than to see your best clothes locked in a washing machine whilst you await the arrival of an engineer.

So this is a very important feature to look out for when Choosing-Laundry-Machine.

As you will see from the illustration below there is a small panel on the bottom left where the emergency door release and drain cock is situated.

Also take note of the clear rotary switch to choose the correct wash cycle and temperature, so that no mistakes can be made by the operator
choosing a washing machine laundry
Stainless steel wash drums and outer drums are best for a long life

Check the quality of the drum inside by running your hand inside, if there are any snags that feel abrasive to the touch reject the machine, as this will also ruin your clothing during the wash process.

This includes screw heads nuts and bolts which should not be felt inside the wash drum, as this would cause wear and tear on the fabrics being washed.


The holes should be smooth and the contours gentle so that they do not cause dimples in the washing during the spin cycle, this will also cause premature wear and tear to you fabrics

Both wash tub or inner drum and outer casing, which holds the inner drum should be high quality stainless steel, not plastic.

Spin speed and choice of spin is an important feature of any washing machine, which would affect your choice.

When Choosing-Laundry-Machine the spin speed is a very important factor governing your decision, the modern high spin speed domestic machine with speeds up to 1400 rpm have a very good extraction rate.

When choosing a commercial machine the spin speed drum diametre with the final G-Force comes into the frame.

A machine with a small drum diametre similar to a domestic machine would have a lower g-force or extraction rate than a machine that spins a similar speed but a larger drum diametre.

Check out the calculation at…….. G-Force calculation page With this formula you can easily check out the different extraction rates from a list of machines by measuring the diametre of the wash drum. Simple mathematics will be required.

But the main thing to remember when choosing-laundry-machine for commercial purposes, check the spin speed and the drum diametre when comparing between the various machines on offer.

Especially if you have a large amount of cotton towelling or 100% cotton bed linen to process.

Free syanding laundry machines have a sprung suspension to support the drum which stops out of balance forces being transferred into the floor and the rest of the building,

Which can be a real nuisance and could even damage the building, if not installed correctly. See my installation pages.

Single cold water inlet is OK

Choosing-Laundry-MachineAs most people do not use a pre-wash on a regular basis, and it is not recommended to have hot water applied directly onto stained linen.

As this would mean that fixing the stains into the fabric as opposed to releasing them,

So we always use cold water to release blood stains and egg proteins and soften soiling.
A single inlet cold fill machine is therefore adequate.

A top quality washing machine will heat only the amount of hot water that is needed very efficiently without any wasted power, so you are not wasting hot water by heating it within the machine.

When choosing between a Top Loading washing machine and a front loading washing machine for any domestic or commercial situation you want to be sure of what you want for the long term.

Simple to understand and use program controls. With minimum choice of fabric options.

The dials and knobs should be simple and easy to use and understand with a good choice of programs, Including: –

  1. Cottons and Linen variable from 40ºC in steps up to 90ºC with clear readings. 2. Coloureds 40ºC up to 90ºC
  2. Synthetics and delicate materials cold to 40ºC
  3. Woollens cold to 40ºC
  4. Separate spin and rinse
  5. Drain
  6. There should also be if possible a choice of spin speeds if the machine has a high-spin extractor cycle.

This will allow you to reduce the spin speed should you be worried about the high spin “G” Forces damaging a garment or fabric on the final high spin section of the wash cycle.

washing machine

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Also when washing bulky or heavy items such as pillows, trainers, rugs, and towels a lower spin speed will balance more quickly and continue to the end of the program without delay.

Choosing-Laundry-Machine, take your time choosing the right machine and you will be passing it on to your grandchildren, they will be pleased to get the old tried and tested machine it will still have loads of life left.

Most washing machines will override any high temperature choices when you select the delicate or woollen cycles so that no damage should occur.

But if woollens are washed with a cottons or coloured program disaster will ensue.

You will end up with jumpers only fit for a barbie doll. Both the mechanical action and the temperature will cause severe damage to delicate and woollen fabrics see How to do Laundry.

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