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Danby Washing Machines DWM99W            

Danby – Top Loaders


Editor Rating 4.1               The Danby DWM99W is a portable top loading washing machine with lots of features. The console is easy to use and the controls are well laid out making it a snap to select almost any combination of wash cycle, spin speed, and water temperature.

 Quick Specs

Capacity               8.8 pounds

Presets 5 Wash Presets

Extra Features   Energy efficient full length agitator

Washing Method             Activator

Annual Energy Consumption      537 kWHrs

Depth   20 1/2 in.

Height   34 3/4 in.

Width    20 1/2 in.

Full Review

The Danby DWM99W is portable top loading washing machine with the option of being permanently installed. It has an adequate 5 wash presents and the 8.8 cu/ ft capacity makes it ideal for couples or a vacation home washing machine.

The 5 wash presets include Permanent Press, Delicates, Hand Wash, and Soaking. There are four water level settings and three temperature levels allowing for lots of variations on the 5 presets.

There are dispensers for fabric softener, detergent and bleach and the energy efficient full length agitator ensures that the clothes are thoroughly cleaned and rinsed.

All of the settings are set with a rotary controls. There is also an indicator for the end of cycle.

The Danby DWM99W is quiet in operation and relatively efficient in terms of electricity use. Although not as efficient as a front loader for water use, the water levels can be set to suit the amount of clothes in the drum to minimize water usage.

The Danby DWM99W has a stainless steel tub and drum. This provides for years of dependable service without the worry that the tub will chip or rust. Stainless steel is also easy to clean and provides extra weight for a more efficient spin cycle.

This washing machine is only available in white and comes with a one year Parts and Labor warranty.

In Use

The Danby DWM99W is a very quiet washing machine. Anyone who is primarily concerned with noise from the laundry room will do well with this washing machine.

As a mid-priced model, the Danby DWM99W is one of the best value for money portable washing machines on the market. The presets are suitable for almost any type of laundry and the washing machine does an excellent job in cleaning the clothes.

Although not as powerful or durable as a standard washing machine, this model is sure to give years of reliable light-use service.

Washing Machines Review rating: 4.1

Buying Information

Portable Washer Danby 9.3 lb. Portable Clothes Washer               

Portable Washer Danby 9.3 lb. Portable Clothes Washer

Danby’s compact and portable laundry products are designed for home, office, mobile home and condo applications.

The Danby DWM99W Portable Washer is a lightweight, inexpensive, and capable top load washer with 5 cycles and 4 water level settings.

Our Compact Washer Dryer front load laundry team can be easily stacked for space saving needs. Some of the premium features are stainless steel drums, variable washing and drying options and low water consumption. Our Front Load Washer is Energy Star Compliant.

Danby DWM5500W        

Danby – Front Loaders


Editor Rating 4.4               This mid-capacity front loading washing machines is perfect for a small family. The Danby DWM5500W is quite expensive, but you get an attractive, energy efficient washing machine that gives you reliable service.

Quick Specs

Capacity               1.69 cu/ ft

Presets 12 Wash Presets including Delicates, Hand Wash, and Soaking

Extra Features   Automatic Soap/Fabric Softener Dispensing System (3 Compartments)

Washing Method             Activator

Annual Energy Consumption      176 kWHrs

Depth   23 3/4 in.

Height   33 1/8 in.

Width    23 3/8 in.

 Full Review

The Danby DWM5500W is a front load washing machine with loads of presets including a delicate cycle, a hand wash cycle, and a soaking cycle. This makes it perfect for practically all your washing needs.

The Danby DWM5500W has 5 spin speeds and 3 water level settings. The water overflow protection system ensures that there will never be spills – excess water is automatically drained from the machine.

The automatic water level mechanism adjusts the water levels to the amount of laundry in the machne. As for water temperature, it can be set to one of three levels.

This washing machine uses an efficient activator method and fabric softener and bleach can be dispensed during the wash cycle. There is also a detergent dispenser for use during the soak and hand wash cycles.

The Danby DWM5500W is only available in white and the tub is made from heavy-duty stainless steel. This guarantees years of reliable service.

As fitting for a mid-sized front loader, the Danby DWM5500W is one of the most energy efficient washing machines on the market. It has a rating of just 176 kWHrs per year and comes with a one year Parts and Labor warranty.

In Use

The DWM5500W is very easy to use and does a great job washing clothes. Although not designed for large items it does a super job on everyday laundry items. The delicate cycle is perfect for woolen sweaters or other clothes that normally require hand washing. The Danby DWM5500W is very quiet and uses surprisingly little water and electricity. Although many people may be put off by the high price, this washing machine will give years of service and is a stylish addition to the laundry room.

Washing Machines Review rating: 4.4

Danby DTT420W             

Danby – Top Loaders


Editor Rating 3.8               Looking for the ultimate in economy? The Danby DTT420W is a no-frills top loading washing machine with separate spinner. It is ideal for young families or for a vacation home washer. Despite the lack of features it does a good job cleaning clothes – if you don’t mind the extra work that a twin tub washer requires.

 Quick Specs

Capacity               10 pound

Presets 2 wash options (normal & gentle)

Extra Features   Lint filter

Washing Method             Activator

Annual Energy Consumption      537 kWHrs

Depth   17 2/16 in.

Height   36 4/16 in.

Width    28 15/16 in.

Full Review

The Danby DTT420W is a bare-bones twin tub washing machine. This type of machine has the advantage of being inexpensive and easy to repair.

It is a portable machine that can be hooked up anywhere there is water and electricity. The kitchen tap can be used for the water supply and the drain water can go into the sink.

The attractiveness of this machine lies in its low cost. It also does a good job cleaning clothes, but can’t handle large items like sleeping bags or comforters.

There are two settings on the Danby DTT420W for agitator action – normal and gentle. Other than that this is a manual machine. Water temperature, wash time, and water level are manually controlled.

There is a timer on the Danby DTT420W so the machine will stop agitating after a preset period. After that you must lift the wet clothes into the spinner.

The spinner speed is a whopping 1600 rpm – enough to remove most of the moisture from the clothes. Be careful though – this spin speed is too fast for delicates such as woolens.

The mechanical controls on the Danby DTT420W are clearly labeled and easy to use. As befits a budget machine there are no dispensers for fabric softener and bleach.

The Danby DTT420W is not the most energy efficient washing machine. It consumes quite a bit of electricity, but this will be somewhat compensate by the reduced electricity needed for drying the clothes.

The portability of the Danby DTT420W is one of its strong points. Anyone with limited space can store the machine out of site until laundry day. It is easy to hook up and plugs into a standard electrical outlet. The Danby DTT420Wcomes with a one year Parts and Labor warranty.

In Use

The Danby DTT420W is a quiet washing machine with a rust resistant galvanized steel cabinet. It does a good job washing average loads of laundry, but is not suitable for heavy loads.

The Danby DTT420W is not a good choice for a large family or anyone who does heavy loads of laundry but is ideal as a vacation home washer or for small families with limited space.

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